Poet. Educator. 

Speaker. Advocate. Activist. Community Organizer. Learner. 

"Poetry is vulnerability in its greatest art form"



Creating positive change in communities through education and service.












Project SPEAKS, Inc. (Spreads Positivity Encourage Awareness Know Something), is a (501c3) California based non-profit organization, volunteer group, and movement created to promote unity, self-awareness, and positivity.   

Goal: To provide academic and non-academic resources to developing communities, while promoting community education, social awareness, and personal growth. Through interactive workshops, academic support and community engagement, Project SPEAKS, Inc. hopes to create change in our communities.

Project SPEAKS, Inc. focuses their efforts on uplifting marginalized communities, as well as providing opportunities for growth and development.


Workshops & Training


Service Learning 


Academic Conferences 


Social Justice Consulting


The "BREATHE" Campaign 

Be Ready Every Amazing Thing Happens Eventually. In other words, BREATHE. 


Project SPEAKS, Inc. encourages you to go make a difference in the world or simply just lend a helping hand in your community. By making a difference in our communities, we can make amazing things happen. 


The campaign: Tag and share @projectspeaksinc on Instagram and be entered and a random drawing for FREE SPEAKS merchandise.