The paradox of education is precisely this - that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.

- James Baldwin


Educator. Poet. Community Organizer. 

"Be Ready Every Amazing Thing Happens Eventually. In other words, BREATHE."

Jakeel R. Harris, M.S. is an educator, speaker, community organizer, author, and spoken-word poet that tackles topics of social justice, leadership, and self-awareness. He is the founder of Project SPEAKS, Inc., through which he offers services as an Educational Consultant. He is a higher education professional with over 5 years of experience working within different student services departments and support programs. Jakeel's areas of concentration in higher education include providing equity-based programming, promoting leadership development, and placing a heavy emphasis on co-curricular involvement. He specializes in embedding student engagement approaches in his practice to increase student involvement and student success.


Writing poems to heal, healing to write poems. 

Poetry is vulnerability in its greatest art form! Writing has been a coping mechanism, a healing method, self-care activity, and way for Jakeel to express himself to the world. In 2006, He started writing poetry after watching performances on the hit television show, Def Poetry Jam. Fascinated by the wordplay, display of emotions, and connection to the audience that was shown in this episode, a love for poetry was sparked. In 2012, Jakeel took the stage for the first time at MiraCosta College performing his art. Since then, he has been sought out to perform his poetry on college campuses all throughout the United States.


Tell Me About It with Jakeel is a podcast that seeks to provide insight into the various educational experiences of students of color. The podcast highlights the work and experiences of educators of color, placing specific emphasis on those from Black backgrounds. The podcast seeks to connect to listeners and expose them to the various issues that people of color face while attending, working, and existing within higher education systems.

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