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My Philosophy

"Self-growth begins with open-mindedness and belief in one’s abilities. Growth is a life-long process that isn’t an individual journey, but one that starts with self-realization. A willingness to learn and having genuine empathy are essential steps in determining how to treat people fairly and justly. Strong relationships are kept stable with honesty and building trust. Sustainable development is the pathway to social justice, economic growth, and self-perseverance."


Jakeel R. Harris, M.S. is an educator, speaker, community organizer, author, and spoken-word poet who tackles topics of social justice, leadership, and self-awareness. He is the Founder and CEO of Project SPEAKS, Inc., through which he offers services as an Educational Consultant. He is a higher education professional with 10 years of experience working within different student services departments and support programs. Jakeel's areas of concentration in higher education include providing equity-based programming, promoting leadership development, and placing a heavy emphasis on co-curricular involvement. He specializes in embedding student engagement approaches in his practice to increase student involvement and student success. Jakeel uses his knowledge, experience, and creative outlets to teach, educate, and expose people to different perspectives in hopes of promoting social and personal awareness.​

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